Trap of Emotions

Posted on September 13, 2014 by Jeff Bloom

We are trapped by our emotions at all levels, from an individual to a nation or multiple nations and cultures. When we respond to events based on our immediate emotional reactions, we have lost all control. Not only have we lost control of ourselves, but we’ve guaranteed cascading sets of events that can spiral out of control. When someone says something nasty to us and we lash out in response, we fuel aggression. When police react to people of color with immediate aggression, they’ve lost control. When a group of people publish a video of a beheading and we respond with violence, we only create further violence, confusion, and suffering.

This cycle of violence isn’t new. We’ve been doing it for as long as we’ve existed. But, we haven’t learned anything from these patterns of violence. When will we learn? Is it already too late? Have we created a world that is spinning out of control?

Responding with aggression is intensely and emotionally seductive. We want so much to get revenge or dominate those who act in ways we don’t like. But, such reactions only show our weakness and inability to act with wisdom and skillfulness.


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