The Teacher All Teachers Should Want to Emulate

Posted on September 2, 2013 by Jeff Bloom

John Hunter shows what teaching and learning should be. Classrooms can be communities, where children share in the control and determine the learning agenda.

Where the Common Core and other political efforts try to control while grossly underestimating children, the approaches shown in the video give children tremendous power and confidence, as well as the basic set of tools for all future learning and participation in a democratic society. Of course, political efforts demean children and teachers and work to strangled democracy while promoting a corporate agenda of greed, control, and obedience.

The game is amazing, but the point is how John Hunter manifests as a co-participant and mentor in a critical community of inquiry. He’s an amazing teacher, but all teachers can create similar communities using all kinds of “activities” to get at the same fundamental principles, where children are creators of knowledge.

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