Ashes & Snow

A Photographic Experience by

Gregory Colbert

Gregory Colbert's work is hauntingly beautiful, touching, and inspiring. And, for me, there is an incredible sadness that accompanies viewing his photography and watching his videos. It's a sadness for humankind. We are capable of so much beauty, so much kindness, so much innovation, and so much intelligent insight, yet we seem to get swallowed up in ignorance, greed, hate, ugliness, aggression, violence, and stupidity.

"I let the animals lead and invite them to express their own sensibilities in their own voices. A conversation with an animal begins by watching gestures and reading facial cues. It is a nonverbal conversation. You do not think an elephant. You try to feel it."

- Gregory Colbert (from:

"Colbert believes that there is a shared desire for all species to participate in one universal conversation. He sees nature as the greatest storyteller of all and himself as an apprentice to nature. His works are collaborations between humans and other animals that express the shared poetic sensibilities of all species."

- Gregory Colbert (from:

A Short Version of Ashes & Snow

Feather to Fire


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