World Story

by Lee Arnold

"These videos use animated flow charts to build the whole world, and to connect many of the big problems together into one story. There are two aims: to provide a quick education, so all people can learn the most important principles, and to put all of the big facts into the same picture, to make it easier to agree on solutions. Along the way, I present a new kind of model that contains more features and is easier to understand than mathematics, and it is more relevant for solving some big problems. This is all in one visual language. It is natural and easy and you learn it instantly by watching. The first videos teach schoolchildren about business, economics and ecology, and introduce the symbols at the same time. The “Introduction” is the next video, but you can skip it, because it is long and technical. Go right to the main story, where it starts: #2 “Basic Flows”. Thanks to everyone who helped and thanks for watching."

Preface to World Story

World Story 1: Introduction

World Story 2: Basic Flows


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