Tribal Wisdom in the Modern World

by David Maybury-Lewis

This 10-part series was produced in 1992 in collaboration with the BBC, CTV, and PBS.

Table of Contents

  1. "Shock of the Other"
  2. "Strange Relations"
  3. "Mistaken Identity"
  4. "An Ecology of Mind"
  5. "Art of Living"
  6. "Touching the Timeless"
  7. "A Poor Man Shames Us All"
  8. "Inventing Reality"
  9. "Tightrope of Power"
  10. "At the Threshold"

1. Shock of the Other

2. Strange Relations

3. Mistaken Identity

4. An Ecology of Mind

5. The Art of Living

6. Touching the Timeless

7. A Poor Man Shames Us All

8. Inventing Reality

9. Tightrope of Power

10. At the Threshold


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