About Systems and Patterns Inquiries

If you've engaged with the questions based on videos of living systems and patterns, you may want to think about some of the following questions:

  • Some questions focus on specific functional patterns, such as spheres, tubes, or cycles. How does such a focus affect one's understandings of living systems?
  • Some questions push one to consider systems beyond those of living organisms. How can a focus on functional patterns affect transdisciplinary understandings?
  • What are the implications for transfer of knowledge and understanding?
  • Some questions ask for representations of understandings using arts, music, drama, dance, etc. How do such approaches affect the way we understand the phenomena in our world?
  • How are such understandings different from the purely "rational" and scientific approaches typically taught in schools and expected on tests?
  • What are the benefits of extending the way we understand our world?


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