Salons, Talks, & Workshops

I am available for discussion salons, talks, and workshops that focus on the topics described on this website, blog, and my other websites. Please contact me for details and arrangements.

However, in addition to the freely available information available on this site and my other sites, I am offering single and extended "salons" through this website. I would love to offer these salons for free, but I do need to make a living to support my family and my continued research and development. Students, those with limited incomes, and retirees may be able to participate for reduced fees. In addition, group rates are available. If you are interested in participating, please contact me for details.

Online Salons

  • EcoMind: Level 1 (an extended salon of approximately 10 weeks) — This salon is an adaptation of an introductory course I taught at the university (freshman) level. It focuses broadly on Gregory Bateson's notion of "ecology of mind," on Nora Bateson's film, "An Ecology of Mind: A Daughter's Portrait of Gregory Bateson," and on the work of a variety of other authors and thinkers. This online salon includes readings (some of which are available at no cost), videos (Nora's film will need to be purchased), online discussions, and occasional video conferencing.
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